Why Your Business Should Be on Instagram

Regardless if your business is product based or service based, Instagram is the right platform for you. Using the platform intentionally will help grow your brand awareness, increase your sales, and boost your website traffic.

Instagram is owned by Facebook

Facebook owns Instagram, so sharing content is seamless between the two platforms. If you upload content to your Instagram story, then sharing it to your Facebook story is just a click away. The same thing goes for posts. Also, Facebook is known for its robust advertising platform. Advertising on Instagram is just as seamless, and a great supplement to your Facebook advertising strategy.

Share visual content such as photos and videos

Instagram is a visual platform. Your Instagram profile is a feed of all of the content that you share. If you are a product based business, you should share photos of your products, storefront, as well as a mix of other content too.

The most important thing to remember about running a business account on Instagram is that you shouldn’t sell 24/7. Yes, you can share photos and videos of your products and offerings, but you should also mix in personal content as well.

Remember to think of your Instagram feed as a whole when sharing content.

Increase your brand awareness

Instagram has over 300 billion active monthly users. Being active on Instagram is a great way to increase brand awareness about you, your business, and your offers. The best way to grow your account organically is by using the right hashtags. Hashtags are searchable keywords that can be used to find your content by other users.

Use stories to show the personal side of your brand

Instagram isn’t always about posting perfect photos, and writing compelling captions. Instagram Stories is a great feature for any business to include in their strategy. Stories last for 24 hours and then they go away. You can also highlight your stories on your profile for evergreen content that you share, and important information about your brand. These highlights are stored on your profile and look great when they have branded highlight covers.

InstagramJessica Hobbs