Why I Switched My Email Marketing From MailChimp to Flodesk


Over the past month, I have made the switch of transferring my email list from MailChimp to Flodesk.

Disclaimer: I do love MailChimp. I think it is perfect for any new business starting out with building an email list. It is free and is a great starting tool for email marketing on a budget. However, I’ve recently come across Flodesk and even though there is a monthly subscription, 1. They offer a free trial to get started, 2. It is well worth it to me, and 3. I have a discount link for 50% off!

Drag and drop email design.

The design capabilities are outstanding on this platform. It is easier than ever to create emails that are on brand. My favorite part is the drag and drop design feature! Adding text boxes, spacers, images, links, buttons, and more is easy to do. If you want to re-arrange the email template all you do is click, drag, and drop to rearrange. You are able to add in your brand colors and logo so every email is cohesive.


Landing pages and sign up forms.

Alongside emails that are on brand, you are able to design landing pages, sign up forms, and pop-ups that are on brand as well.


Hands down the best feature of Flodesk is the workflows that you can set up. They have made it easier than ever to set up email sequences for welcoming new subscribers to your list, lead generation, and launch sequences for a sale or new service/product.

Analytics and reporting.

Collecting email addresses and nurturing your list is just the start of an email marketing campaign. You need to measure the open rate and click-through rates, and Flodesk makes it easier than ever to view these reports.

Overall, I am very happy with Flodesk. I love email marketing again! I have so much creating emails, and I am now more eager than ever to create free content for my email list.

Save 50% off your Flodesk subscription with this link: https://flodesk.com/c/SOCIALSAVVY.

EmailJessica Hobbs