What Social Media Platforms You Should Be On


It’s a given that social media marketing is a powerful tool for your business… but what platforms should you be on?

There are three main platforms that your business should be on: Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. These platforms have the potential to reach your ideal customer or client, and increase your brand’s awareness if you use them correctly.


If I have to choose my favorite platform - it would hands down be Instagram. Instagram is a visual platform, and out of all of the social media channels it has the highest engagement. When you use Instagram for your business, you want to make sure that you convert it to a business account. Regardless of what people claim leads to lower engagement, you want to have all of the tools and insight features on hand. With a business account, you are able to see insights about the high performing posts and stories on your account as well as insights on your followers.

It is important that you optimize your Instagram profile by completely filling out your name, bio and link. The name field, aka the bold line in your bio, is searchable. You want to put keywords that your ideal customer or client might search to find you i.e. your industry or profession. Think of your bio as your elevator pitch: what do you do? Who do you serve? What do you offer? On the last line of your bio you want to include a call-to-action above your link telling your followers what they can expect from clicking there.

Sharing content to Instagram that is cohesive and on brand will help create your Instagram feed’s aesthetic. I want to advise you on two things: don’t share content that isn’t valuable to your readers or random, and don’t worry about perfecting your Instagram account. There is no such thing as perfect!


Having a business Facebook page for your business, serves as a second website or home for your business on the internet. Your ideal customer or client is on Facebook, and if they are searching for your business on there they want to find you! You want to make sure that you optimize your profile for when your potential audience does find you, they have all of that information at their fingertips. The more information they know about your business, the more trust they will have in your brand and will buy from you.

Engagement on Facebook isn’t as high as it used to be, but there is still the possibility for it. When you share content to Facebook, you can have a similar content strategy as your Instagram but you want to reformat your posts for Facebook. Include links where necessary to your website, blog, newsletter sign up form, or e-commerce store. Hashtags are not as common on Facebook, and searched through like on Instagram - don’t worry about using them!


Ok, Pinterest is technically a search engine, but I am going to include it in the three social media platforms that I am recommending for your business because it is so important!

Think of Pinterest like Google - users search for keywords and pins appear. You want to make sure that you are doing keyword research to find out what your potential customers might be searching. Start by typing in a few words in the search bar and see what other keywords and phrases appear! Always click through and see what the search results are. You want to make sure you are adding the right keywords for your content.

Pinterest is an evergreen marketing tool. Something that you pinned a year ago, may very well still be circulating and getting re-pinned. The best way to measure your success on the platform is by how many viewers are seeing your pins and taking action aka clicking on your pins to your website, blog, store, email list opt-in, or wherever you sent them!