What Emails You Should Be Sending To Your List


After you’ve created your email list, you need to nurture the list! This doesn’t mean sending daily emails, because that is spammy and no one signed up for that, but you need to educate your audience and provide value.

Providing value = trust = sales.

You want to create a consistent schedule of when you send emails to your list, and it’s alright if you switch up the content to make each email unique and stand out. Here are four emails that you can send to your list:

Welcome Email

When someone subscribes to your list, you want to have an automated welcome email already set up to hit their inbox moments after they subscribe. This is where you can add your opt-in: whether it’s a promo code or freebie.

In this welcome email, you can also thank them for subscribing and introduce yourself. If you want to set up a sequence (or workflow) of welcome emails that is a great idea to slowly introduce your brand to them over time. A welcome sequence can consist of:

  1. Sending them the opt-in

  2. Introducing yourself and your business

  3. Give value

  4. Send another email full of quick tips or valuable insight

  5. Introduce them to your offer that compliments your opt-in (main service or product)


Sending a newsletter to your list is a great way to share the valuable content that you produce with them. You can round up Instagram posts that they might want to read, blog posts, or any other long-form content that you produce. Make any special sale or product/service announcements in the newsletter, and let them know what you have been up to.


If you are launching a sale, new product, or new service, after you share it on Instagram don’t forget to email it to your list!


A great way to quickly gather information for your business is by sending a survey to your email list. Whether you are wanting to create a new product, offer a new service, or just collect general information from your audience a survey will do the job.

If you are going to send them an intensive survey, with a lot of in-depth questions, offer them something in return. This could be a promo code, free 30-minute coaching session, or freebie that you create. You can send this once they’ve completed the survey.

EmailJessica Hobbs