The Best Tools + Resources for Social Media Managers

If you are a social media manager looking for systems to help run your business, there are a few tools and resources that you need to help manage your profile, create content, and stay organized. These tools have been a game changer for my business, and I know you will love them too!

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Later is the best scheduling tool for Instagram. Hands down. I use it personally for my Instagram, my clients’ accounts, and I always recommend it. There is a free version that allows for you to create up to 30 Instagram posts for the month. It also has a preview capability that allows for you to preview what your feed will look like when the posts are all published. 

Lightroom Mobile

If your business shares a lot of photos of yourself, your products, and your business Lightroom Mobile takes your photos to the next level. Instagram’s filters are great, but they don’t always help you keep a consistent theme on your feed. Using presets on your Instagram photos will help keep your photos consistent, and they will look professional even if they weren’t shot by a pro.

Presets: If you use Lightroom Mobile, you want to use presets! Presets are one-click settings that can make all of your photos cohesive. Hello perfect Instagram feed!


If you aren’t a graphic designer then Canva is going to become your best friend when it comes to creating graphics for social media. Canva is a free tool that easily allows for you to create graphics that are already the correct size for the project. It allows for you to add your brand colors to the graphics, as well as creative fonts. 


My business completely changed when I started using Asana. Asana is a project management tool that helps you get organized, plan out projects, and collaborate with other users. I use Asana to not only organize and automate my business, but to organize my social media content. I have a specific project board for social media content, and jot down any offers, hashtag holidays, and post ideas. You can even add attachments to tasks with files such as photos for posts.


If you are looking for a graphic design tool that will let you create unique, branded Stories for Instagram then you need to download Over. They have a lot of templates to choose from for designing Stories with photos, videos, text, and other graphic elements.


Tailwind is the best scheduling tool for your pins. It helps set up a recurring pin schedule, to make sure that your pins are being published at optimal times. You can set up a whole month’s worth of pins in just a few clicks.

Savvy Hashtag Guide

The best way to grow your Instagram account organically is by using hashtags. Hashtags are searchable keywords behind a ‘#’ symbol. Instagram allows for you to add all 30 hashtags to your posts, and you can share them in the caption or the first comment of the post. You should be using the right hashtags on your posts, that are in your niche. 


Dropbox is the best organizational tool for keeping all of your photos, graphics, videos, and notes with your caption copy and hashtags. I like to keep a file of content that I want to share, documents with hashtag sets, and notes on caption copy that I want to share about upcoming campaigns. 

Google Docs + Sheets

I use Google Docs for writing out my social media captions, and storing my hashtag sets. Google sheets is where I store my content calendars for my business and my clients. I like to create a spreadsheet with a monthly calendar and include what I will be sharing, on what platform, and what time.


If you manage clients in your online business, Dubsado is a must! You can send proposals, contracts, invoices and so much more to your clients in a handy portal that keeps everything together per client. You can also book calls and set up workflows that will automate your business and save you time and make you money! Use my affiliate code ‘socialsavvyhq’ for 20% off!

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