How to Use Instagram for Your Business in 2019

Instagram is always changing: adding more users, new features, and changing the way the platform runs. There are a few changes coming to the platform in 2019, and you need to adjust your strategy.

Instagram Stories Are #1

Instagram stories are already huge on the platform, but they are going to grow even more in 2019. More people are tapping through stories to get their content quicker. This doesn’t mean that you need to take away focus from in-feed posts, but you need to create a strategy for showing up more on stories. Showing behind-the-scenes content, insight, and more on stories will be a great way to build connections with your followers. Stories are short-term content that disappear after 24 hours, so you have a lot of freedom on what you can share without worrying if it will match your feed.

DMs are Going to be the new source of engagement

Over the past year, engagement has significantly dropped on the platform. There is a lot of speculation about whether it is because of business vs. personal profiles, the algorithm, shadow bans, etc. Regardless of what it is, this means you need to change your strategy for engaging with your followers and reaching new followers. If you aren’t already DMing accounts on Instagram, creating genuine connections and real relationships, then you need to start. Don’t just send DMs pitching your services or products.

Hashtags will be used for finding your client - not boosting your posts and account

Gone are the days of hashtags being used to boost your likes, comments, and followers on your profile. Hashtags are becoming very popular, and certain overused hashtags have millions of posts. Niche hashtags are going to be the best hashtags to use in 2019, to really target your ideal clients and find them that way on the platform.

Your in-feed posts need to be informative + engaging

In 2019, it is important that you are putting more thought into your in-feed posts. You can’t just post a photo with a simple caption. This photo needs to tell a bigger story. Share long-form captions about the content that you are sharing, and really put thought and value into it. What can your audience learn from you? What can you share?

If you don’t have a strategy you will be left behind

You need a strategy on Instagram in 2019. Posting content to just post content and be on the platform is not beneficial to your audience or to your brand. If you need help developing a custom Instagram strategy, I’m your gal. Book today! We will conquer your strategy, and it comes with a clear plan on implementing your strategy with a bonus 60-minute strategy call.

InstagramJessica Hobbs