How to Create a Cohesive Instagram Feed


Instagram is a visual platform. Visuals matter. Your Instagram profile is a grid style feed that displays all of your posts. Your Instagram profile should be cohesive, and on brand with your brand guidelines.

Create branded graphics

You should avoid sharing just photos and videos, and should share on-brand graphics. These can be inspirational quotes, testimonials, or other graphics related to your business. Sharing branded graphics are a great way to break up the content in your feed. Canva is a free resource that allows for non-graphic designers to create on-brand graphics with your brand colors, fonts, imagery, and other graphic elements.

Use the same filters

When editing your photos, you should use the same filters on them. This will create a consistency in the light and brightness of the photos. For example, if you look at a photographer’s Instagram account all of their photos look the same even when they were shot in different sessions. Why is this? They have a consistent editing style. VSCO and Lightroom are great apps for creating

Use the same color palette

All of the graphics that you create for posts or stories, should be consistent with the same color palette. If you have a brand style guide for your brand, then you will know the exact color codes for your logo and branding elements. If you don’t, I recommend installing a free color eye-dropper tool for Google Chrome to your browser. You will be able to hover over, select, and find out the exact hex color codes for your brand’s palette.

Use white space

To avoid a messy and cluttered looking feed, you can utilize white space in your feed. This can be done by creating graphics with a white background, or adding a border around all of your photos. This helps create a lighter feed and it is more visually appealing on the eyes because it creates a spotlight on your content.

InstagramJessica Hobbs