How to Add Multiple Links to Your Instagram Bio

You only get one link on Instagram, so you better make it count. Here are a few tips on adding multiple links to your Instagram bio:

Create a linktree style page on your website

The best way to add multiple links to your website, is by creating a link tree style page on your website. This landing page can include all of the buttons that you want to include, plus it is on your domain so it is on-brand for your business. For example, my landing page welcomes my Instagram followers and provides buttons to the most important information in my business. 

Use Linktree

Linktree is a free tool that allows for you to add multiple links to your Instagram bio. It is generated into a link that uses your handle so it is pretty custom to your brand. Linktree let’s you add links that appear as buttons under your profile photo. However, the free version is limiting because there are only four color options. 

*An important thing to consider when creating a Linktree, is that sometimes Linktree can crash. When it crashes your link will be down. To prevent this you can create a custom link tree style page on your website, which is what I recommend.

Make the buttons count

When creating the links on your link tree page, whether it be on Linktree or on your website, you want to make sure that you are adding only relevant links. Avoid adding a billion links to every single thing in your business because this can be overwhelming.

The text on the buttons should portray why someone should click onto the link. How does it benefit them? Why do they need to click on this? When considering these questions it will help increase your click-through-rate on the buttons.

Add to your bio

Now that your custom Linktree page (or Linktree!) is set up you can add that link to your Instagram bio. Remember to always add a CTA above the link in your bio, telling your followers what they can expect from your link. If you don’t tell them, they won’t check it out!

InstagramJessica Hobbs