5 Hashtag Mistakes to Avoid

Hashtags are the best way to organically grow your Instagram! If you aren’t using hashtags correctly, or are making any of these common mistakes, then you might be hurting your growth.

Hashtag mistake #1: Not using any hashtags at all.

If you aren’t using hashtags at all, how do you expect your account to grow? Some people think that using hashtags aren’t good for their account. Some people think that hashtags make them look desperate. This is not true at all. You should be using hashtags! But, you should be using them correctly.

Hashtag mistake #2: not using all 30 hashtags that IG allows!

Instagram allows for you to use 30 hashtags on every post, and you should use all 30. No, Instagram is not going to mark your posts as spam. Instagram wouldn’t allow for you to use 30 hashtags if they didn’t want you too.

Hashtag mistake #3: Not using the right hashtags.

You should use hashtags that are related to your industry, and target customer. You should use hashtags that are generic, unrelated, or are describing words about your photo. Those hashtags won’t help your account!

Hashtag mistake #4: not using niche hashtags.

You should be using niche hashtags on your posts. Niche hashtags are hashtags with less than 100k posts. These posts are smaller in use, and will get your content seen by more eyes that are in your target audience (aka your customer!) Popular hashtags will not increase your engagement, and your posts will get lost.

Hashtag mistake #5: not creating a hashtag library (aka using the same hashtags on each post!)

You need to be switching up your hashtags on every post. I recommend creating a hashtag library of about 45-60 hashtags and create multiple lists out of them! Tip: Use the notes app on your phone to save your different lists of hashtags!

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