How to Schedule 30 Days Worth of Content

Have you ever been in a creative rut where you sit down to create an Instagram post, or write a caption and just blanked? We all have been there! I always recommend to batch your content. Here’s how:

How to batch 30-days of content

When I sit down to schedule a social media management client’s posts, I always try to do it all in one sitting. Why? To increase my productivity in my business, and create consistent, relevant content for clients. The first thing I do is gather all of the photos and create any graphics that I might need. Canva is a great, free resource for designing graphics! After I have all of my images laid out, I get to writing the captions. This is where having a content calendar comes into play… so I know what I am going to be sharing! When I write all of my social media captions at one time, I am usually in the writing mode and can come up with more clever captions that I know my audience will engage with. After the captions are finished I will batch together finding all of the hashtags for each of my posts, and then will schedule them to auto-post to Instagram!

Use a scheduler such as Planoly

One of my favorite thing about being a social media manager, is using awesome tools such as Planoly. Planoly s a social media scheduling tool, and is perfect for planning Instagram post’s for your brand. You can use their desktop version or their app, to visually plan out your Instagram feed. When you load in a post, you’re able to load in the photo, caption, hashtags, location, and tag any relevant accounts in the image. Setting my Instagram posts to auto-post is a total time saver in my business! I then don’t have to stop what I’m doing just to post on Instagram, and I can spend that time engaging instead!

Gather all of your content

Now that you have found the perfect scheduling tool it is time to upload your content and schedule it to post! One of my favorite features about Later is that you can use the tool on your desktop (which makes typing out your captions a breeze!) and you can preview how your feed is going to look. You can drag and drop images to create the perfect grid! You want to make sure your Instagram feed is balanced with a mix of your brand photos, stock photography, and graphics that you design. I want to say that your feed doesn’t have to be perfect! Yes, it should be cohesive and balanced but you will waste a lot of precious time trying to make it perfect.

Write out your captions and paste your hashtags

I like to batch write out all of my content at once. Once I get my creative juices flowing, I just can’t stop! When you have your month’s social media content planned out with a content calendar, then you already know the topic of the posts so the captions will come easily. I also save all of my hashtag sets in Later, and change them out periodically with the right hashtags from my Savvy Hashtag Guide.

Schedule your posts to auto-publish

#Boom you’re done! Now that your posts are scheduled, and they are going to auto-publish you can get back to what you do best: running your business. It is a time saver to have your posts auto-publish. I do recommend logging onto the app around the time your post is posting to Instagram to engage with users on the app, and to respond to any comments that you might get on your post!

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