10 Content Ideas for Social Media


When creating content for social media, you want to think what does my audience want to read? Will my ideal audience find this post useful? Do they even care about this?⁠

If you can’t answer all of these questions then you need to be conducting market research. Run a few polls in stories, send DMs to your followers who answer in those polls, and really find out what they are struggling with and write content around that!⁠

Don’t get caught up with posting every single day trying to beat the algorithm if you don't have the content to share. Take a step back, post content that is valuable to your audience on topics, and watch your account grow organically through this content strategy!⁠

Quality > quantity when it comes to social media content!⁠

Share your best tips, tricks, and advice to make your profile a resource, not a sales pitch. When you give your expertise on social media, you're not giving away your success... you’re building the know-like-trust factor and providing value to your followers.

Still feeling stuck on content ideas? Here are 10 content prompts:

1. Share a tip that your audience can benefit from related to your expertise. Make sure it's quick fix tip so they can see instant results from your knowledge + they will gain trust in you!⁠

2. Share the story about your entrepreneurial journey. What's one thing you would tell yourself when you were first starting out?⁠⁠

3. Share a testimonial/review. Social proof is strong!⁠

4. Get creative with video. Sit down and film an IGTV video sharing a tip or story, make a time lapse video, or make a short explainer video about your product!⁠

5. Share a FAQ you get a lot. If you've gotten it a few times, there's a good chance that more people have it!⁠

6. Share a quote! This could be a funny quote, inspirational quote, or something that your audience can relate too. Create it in Canva so it's on brand.

7. Share some behind the scenes. What you might think is your boring day to day routine, your audience will love because they connect to and relate to it.⁠

8. Run a giveaway or promo!⁠

9. Share YOU! Show your smiling face, share about you, and get personal with your audience. People love getting to know the face behind a brand!⁠

10. And when you aren't sure what to share... ask your audience! Do market research to see how you can help them.⁠